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Muggle lovin'

Darling D -

The handcuffs, that explains a lot. Tell me, why do you have these handcuffs? Are your parents muggles and have jobs as policemen/women? If they are, that would narrow down the field of guessing who you are. There can't be many muggle borns in Slytherin...come to think of it, there are none. Odd.

I'll have you know that since coming to Hogwarts I have become rather 'buff' thanks to Quidditch. (Or did you not notice? I suppose our study was rather distracting.) Tell Blaise I said hello, and tell him not to forget the rope for Saturday. I'm bringing the lubricant and silk strips. We're having a completely muggle day and he said I was to bring those objects. Very crude muggle objects, they are, but Blaise insisted and you know how particular he is about shoes, let alone...some other items.

Perhaps you are aware of the prefects bathroom. It could be quite a lovely atmosphere for some study. My marks have drastically improved since our sessions commenced. And I am quite eager to continue.

I'm sure after our vigerous Quidditch session, we will flatten Slytherin. Hopefully in the game I'll be able to cop a feel kill/hurt Malfoy. Mmmm...hurt.

- Yours, H.

(P.S. I hope you perform well with an audience. In the bathroom, there may be an observer. It's quite alright, she's only a ghost. And a rather pervy one too. I'm quite sure she has been hanging out for a peep show all her life...!

Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter
27% DAMN!
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