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H –

And to think I thought it would be me showing you some of the fancier moves with a broomstick, you sure showed me a thing or two. You got into places I don’t think anyone’s ever been before. The way you manuvoured into the tight spaces, wonderful! The ride has left me quite sore but well worth it and after a comparison of our broomsticks it's quite obvious that mine isn't small.

Though I must say the noise you made when you saw I was wearing leather was very hot. It got me wondering what else I might wear to get that reaction. I was disappointed that you weren’t wearing leather also, but those black robes were easier to rip off even if they were quite tight. I did however get very angry at you when you tried to take my mask off. No more of that. And next time could you at least pretend you weren’t enjoying your punishment so much. It’s quite hard to maintain the necessary concentration for a spanking when your shouting “D’s my daddy!”

The mud- Granger girl was looking for condoms?! Stupid mud-uggle born. She should learn a contraception charm or two. I’ve known six different ones since I was eight. I had a teenage witch for a tutor who was very… thorough. In light of what you’ve told me I’ve been avoiding Granger at all costs. I was nearly caught in the library this morning but I managed to hid in a small alcove. Unfortunatly Pansy was in there and I had to pay for her silence. But it was a small prices to pay if I don’t have to be confronted by Granger. Girl punches like a tone of bricks.

- D

P.S. Blaise just showed me something delightful he said he got off Seamus (Those two have been spending an awful lot of time together lately) Ever heard of Whipped Cream in a Can?
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