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Accidents and Hallucinagens

My dearest fuzziest H -

I'm sorry its taken me a while to reply but the funniest thing happened the other day, or week, I'm not to sure really. After sending you my last letter I was feeling slightly depressed (not that a Malfoy not that I ever get depressed, I think i was hit by a wayward downess-blueness spell) As I walked melancholy down the passages to the dungeons I heard a 'pssst' coming from one of the walls. And not just like a snake 'pssst' you hear when someone's hatched a clever plan and let a Basilisk into the pipes, it was a human 'psst'. But there was no one to be seen, not even a portrait of an anal-retentive librarian. Suddenly Blaise popped out of a secret wall compartment telling me he had something very special and new to show me.

I'm currently residing in St Mungos and they're giving me this lovely spell called morphiness and everything is very shiny and swirlyyyy and....... wait, i was in the middle of a story wasn't I? Right, right, well in the state I was in I felt like I could use a little distraction and with Blaise one can always be guaranteed an interesting time. Well wouldn't you know if but the gender-bender had a brand new wand that he was just dying to try out, and with my own at the cleaners, well, I owed it to myself to see inside the room.

It must have been a secret hideaway for some poor student with no friends. All over the walls there were various potion (and other) stains, and wild wand burnt engravings of someone obviously study-deprived. "J.P. IS MINE!!! L.E. & S.B. & R.L. & P.P. & VARIOUS OTHERS WILL DIE!!", "THAT LAST PUDDING WAS MINE! MINE!!!! DEATH TO MUDBLOOD PUDDING STEALERS", and one if I think about may bring back to many childhood memories, "L.M. SPANKED ME WHILST WE WATCHED S.B. & R.B. CARRY ON TRADITION" The Man clearly must have been at least partially mad! These are only half of what was written on the walls! Unfortunately I didn't have much time to read all of them as Blaise insisted that we start studying so strongly I found myself set upon by his wand without any warning at all!

Image hosted by
Sorry I was distracted by something shiny across the room.

Anyway after several hours of revising the classics Blaise wanted to try out something different he'd learned with his new wand. And what a wand it was, a beautiful handle with wonderful control for manual and magical work. I'm a little fuzzy on what happened next, there was a strange tingling, a slight pain, utter bliss and then I woke up just a day ago in a private suite at St Mungos. And the nurses here are so nice, everyones so nice. I think I love them! I think I love all of them! Each and everyone one of them. There's one here right now performing that wonderful morp-morphinutitusitusesness spell thingy and it feeels greaaaaaaaaat. I don't think she believes it when I say I love her. I better go before I drop the quill

- love your loving lovely D
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