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Bridging the gap

D -

Had some free time between class and our closet session. Thought I'd send a letter to you. You seem to be the only one who truely understands me. Not like that moronically insufferable dead sexy and orgasmically full of rock hard abbsMALFOY! He walked past me today strutting around like he owned the bloody castle. Then he had the nerve to wink at me and I swear I heard him saying something about 'Closeting together.' It could have possibly been 'Depositing feathers'. Wouldn't put it past that slimy git. I'm just glad I can meet up with such an understanding study buddy tonight.

Perhaps you could bring one of those possitively eduational books with you tonight for some study. I have 'The complete works of Willie Shakedick' and 'The last 8 volumes of Vlad Len-come', however they are so large they wouldn't fit into the closet. I suppose you are the expert at getting rather large things into small, tight, wet, spaces if you get what I'm saying. Your many dress robes, for example.

Speaking of Blaise, I have come to the conclusion that he is a rather shy guy. Today I was walking past him on the third floor and he avoided my eyes, which I found odd. Then out of the blue totally stacked tripping over his own robes, books everywhere and spraining his ankle. He was adament that he didn't need a hand, but of course I couldn't leave him in pain. So I very selflessly carried him back to my dorm and put a healing charm on his ankle. He was terribly shy, and I felt so sorry for him. I obviously had to lie down next to him to make him feel a bit more comfortable. I happened to notice his rather smokey eyes, and his perfectly soft hair. Rather feminine actually. Then there was his rather firm tight buttocks. And not to mention those strong, commanding thighs. And of course...his arms. Yes. Those sweet soft, thrusting arms. Hopefully I am helping to bridge the Slytherin/Gryffindor gap. Because we all should learn to get alone. Especically the way Blaise and I...hit it off. Again and again. Hmmm.

Oh shoot, isn't that just the luck. I'm all dirty from our bonding session. Best to go clean myself up before our study session. See you soon!

- H
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