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Muggles and objects

Darling H -

I don't think I like the idea of you and Blaise with muggle objects. Something could go wrong with his toys, all that magical intereference. I remember an incident where a Slytherin graduate got a dildo of her muggle friend for Chritmas. She couldn't turn it off! Snape confiscated it till the end of term but I don't think she ever saw it again. And I don't like the idea of you meeting up to study with Blaise because I'm jealous posessive in love worried Blaise might still be injured from the hex I gave him last night. Oh plus there was the one this morning for messing up the colour co-ordination of my wardrobe. That will teach him for trying to steal my man-bag. The boy is just so rude, he doesn't even ask to borrow my nail file he just takes it.

I got the handcuffs during an interesting evening on the summer holidays. See lately I've had alot more freedom to do what I want. My father was a real ball breaker, "School this, hex that, kill him" but recently he's... gone away. So Mummy lets me do what I want. Anyway I was in a muggle gay bar filled with gorgeous leather clad spunks when someone introduced me to body shots. What happened after that is a little blurry but I remember being in something called a "police car" wearing nothing but a blanket and the handcuffs.

The policemen stopped for dohnuts so while they were in the store I apparated home. A quick Alohamora got the cuffs off and then i stumbled into bed. Not to bad for a nights work. I must remember to take you to that club, we could always sneak off there next Friday?

- Devoted D

P.S. Slytherins going to kick your deliciously firm arse in Quiditch. We have a secret weapon.
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