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Handcuffs and blood

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That's impossible! Malfoys I dont have bulges unless they're coming from a hard on! Not enticing indeed. I'M A FREAKING HOT MACHINE!! Just because I'm not a naturally scrawny bitch because I was malnourished most of my life! I've half a mind to come and hex you. Now where did I put my wand...

Don't mind him, he's just a little self concious. Pain in the butt and vain but a absolute wild cat in the-

Confound it! Blaise that sticky nose bastard. I've told him time and time again to stay out of my mail. Now he's gone and messed up my parchment but I don't have any spare so just ignore what he said... and the blood. Honestly that boy is such a pain sometimes.

Now, if you had taken the time to undress me properly you would have realised that those bulges were actually those nifty muggle handcuffs I used to tie you up with during your punishment. But Nooooooooooo you just have to go and show how good you're going with clothesremoveus.

As for the water idea I have the password to the prefect bathroom and I know some handy locking charms to keep the other stuck ups out. Anyway I must be off, Blaise is nagging me to take him to Madam Pomfrey or he'll bleed on me.

- D
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