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Extra workout (whipped cream optional!)

(Dedicated to Billie Joe and his on stage masturbation. Keeping the h/d dream alive. Mmm...Greenday!)

Dearest D -

I am not the youngest seeker picked at Hogwarts for a century for no reason. I love to seek out my fun, if you follow me. I am actually rather proud of my tight space maneuvers and I feel I need to practice often, or I lose focus.

I pity you for your aching body. Obviously you need to work on your cushioning-charm for your broom. I found you outfit to be rather interesting and am reminded of a muggle song, 'Look good in Leather.' I think the most fitting lines would be:
'Give me some truth/Wish that you could be just like me/In my leather tee'
I have often wondered what leather pants/g-string would look like, but I am no longer curious! As for the pants, you fill them out so well. However, I am afraid you may have purchased a few sizes too small. I saw several bulges and they did not entice me.

It was merely the friction of my broomstick causing my slight...excitment. Any seasoned Quidditch player knows that it is a common occurrence. The love of the game and all that. Yes...excitment at the game.

I have out grown my Quidditch robes and was forced to wear the black set you referred to. They are a tad too small, yet Ron told me they seemed to be quite fetching, purely in the hetrosexual sense.

I have been meaning to say, your mask (also leather) turned me ON! made me even more curious as to your identity, hence my attempted removal. And for this you insisted on punishing me?! Forcing me to parade around in only my Quidditch boots? Making me 'ride' my broomstick with magnified vibration charms? Using only my mouth to make you orgasm...or was that only in my mind?

Speaking of Hermione, you should also stay clear of Ron. I have to warn you, he saw me come in from the pitch all disheveled and sweaty. He forced me to tell him all the tiny details and then insisted he wash me in the shower to 'get off all the filth.' (All too Very Secret Diaries - Same/Frodo and strawberry bubble baths!) Was rather pleasant, him washing, bathing, stroking me...

Where was I? Oh yes, Whipped cream! I am familiar with it and have often experimented with...CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM. Heavenly.

- H

(P.S. I also got cornered by Pansy who threatened to tell my 'secret' to everyone if I didn't 'study' with her. Please! Emotional blackmail is so last season. Even though...I did oblige. Ever thought of doing it (studying that is) underwater? I've heard of this perfect prefect's bathroom...
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