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Condoms, sock draws and Hooch

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I tell you, we don't get enough respect for the broomstick polishing we do. Honestly, no one seems bothered with all my hard work. Oh well, at least I get great satisfaction out of it.

I think eleven tonight at the Quidditch pitch. I managed to get the key off Madam Hooch, who thought I was going for a grab and ended up ontop of me. To avoid embarrassment, I went along with it. She's rather swift for an 'older' woman.

Had a bit of an issue with Hermione today. She found my stash of letters and she looked rather hot and bothered about it. She told me she was only looking for my secret condom stash. Honestly, that girl. I hide them in my broomstick kit, not my sock draw. How clique.

Not that I have a secret stash. Seamus once gave me five whole packets and said I'd know what to do. HONESTLY, sometimes that boy confuses me. Hang on...what does Hermione need condoms for? It's a strange, strange situation and it's getting more and more absurd.

Now she is asking millions of questions about your dreamy eyes and pouty lips and female qualities. Apparently she knows who you are and will grind you to a pulp. Cheerful, isn't she? And she won't bloody tell me who the HELL you are. I'd be careful, she's rather...persuasive.

See you in ten minutes!

- H
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