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Big long wand

My dearest D -

You seem mightily upset about this whole wand business and I must say, 'If you've seen one you've seen them all!'. Darling, of course I care where you stick your wand, and I was thoroughly miffed as to where you left it, but I did have other things on my mind. Ron's wand was exploding all over the place as he managed to break it. Again. I honestly don't know what that boy gets up to when he is all alone. He just comes out of his very secluded four poster bed informing me that he had a little accident and his mother's going to kill him. When I asked about said accident he got all red and flustered and headed off to the Quidditch pitch to watch the Hufflepuff's train.

What a guy, watching the Puff's for hours on end, seeing their tactics, noting down their movements, reviewing the notes in bed, taking photo's of them which he studies night and day. He's so dedicated. Such an asset to the team.

And then there was the whole Seamus wand issue. He's just got a very new shiny one and insists on showing everyone in sight. Such a little show off. Why, take last night for example, he wanted to show me so desperately, but it's been so hectic recently with all the study we've been doing, that the only time he could show me was when I was dozing off. He slipped into bed beside me and said, 'I've got something hard and long for you and it just won't go away.' Then he proceeded to show me all the tricks of the wand all night long. He sure was keen. After I found out far too much infomation about that damn wand. Did you know it's 11 inches long? I was actually rather impressed, but I refrained from telling that over zealous, lanky and ferocious hot hot hot git. His head would have been so large it wouldn't have fit through the door!

And I am sure you know all about the Blaise wand issue. How he managed to get his wand stuck in some odd place. I think it had something to do with that horrid Draco Malfoy. Apparently Blaise got it stuck somewhere in his possessions or around him...I'm not too sure on the details. But I've heard that he had to go all the way to St. Mungos to get the thing removed. Well, Blaise is always saying what a huge, wonderfully thick wand he has. I'm sure Malfoy just can't take it and has wand envy. Ha. Sod.

So you see love, I was thinking of you, I just needed to deal with some other wand issues. Perhaps you could tell me all about it soon? I mean, we haven't had a study session in so long and I am feeling terribly rusty.

All my love,

- H
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