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For some reason certain muggle music just seems to draw me. There's this other artist named Cher who I absolutely adore. I tried to use it as a talking point with Seamus the other night but he just fell over laughing and said that next I'll move to San Fransisco to become a hairdresser. Not quite sure what that means but I hit him with an impotentency hex just to make sure it wasn't an insult. I did it really quietly as well then snuck into the closest and listened to him and Blaise later. Of course once he'd left all red and crying Blaise climbed into my bed and told me all about it. I was very sympathetic of course, and then he said that it had left he when a really hard problem that needed solving...

Your dream sounds very strange. I always have strange dreams about times when I was younger frolicking on the grounds and running into a group of centaurs that live in the forest that border on the manner. I run up to them smiling because father doesn't let me get to close to them usually, then one of them grins, well it is more of a smirk really, and picks me up. Then there are only tiny snippets and flashes and snape out of it feeling disoriented and dizzy with father holding his wand close to my head telling me I must have fallen down and not to go to near the forest without an adult. Bizarre really.

Oh and I found my wand. Apparently when I'd gotten home I happened upon one of Slytherin's famous drug taking, sexually explicit parties Snape always turns a blind eye to. When I went looking into the common room I found it under Tracy and Pansy. It was covered in so many different strange liquids that I'll have to take it into Hogsmeade and have it properly cleaned. In the meantime it's a little sticky but I'm sure I'll manage. Not that you really seem to care. Seeing as you didn't even reply to whether or not that you had it. Not that I mind that you don't care....I don't. It's just inconsiderate! I mean you'll send me letters but don't even care where I stick my wand! It's all the same to you isn't it! You'd just go and replace the wand without even caring that your old wand might still want to be your wand. Well your just a wand... A WAND SLUT!

- D
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