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An Adventure's consequences

H -

Oh sweet merlin my head. What a night (what i can remember of it) that was. Who would have thought the repetitive process of licking salt off your chest, shotting tequila from you stomach and then taking a piece of lemon from your lips would become so addictive that now as I write the world is spinning and i'm covered in any number of strange liquids.

Normally this wouldn't be such a problem because a quick sobriety charm and a memory refresher usually does the trick but I can't for the life of me find my wand. I remember puting it...well you'll remember but i can't remember where i left it last night. Do you have it? I'm beginning to panic, if dad finds out I've lost it, with it's rubies and emeralds inlayed in the handle, I'll be hanged by my thumbs in the dungeon and have to face the cane!

I must say that though I thought your leather pants where greatly improved with the holes cut from the butt cheeks you'll never be able to wear them in public again. A bit of a waste a good pair of pants I thought. Perhaps I should buy you some new ones, along with some other clothes that fit better. I've noticed you seem to be taking the baggy-clothes, muggle "homie" style a bit far. In none of the normal clothes you wear can i see any firm chiseled definition, or beutifully sculptured magnificance.

Anyway let me know if you have it asap Blaise said he'd help me look as long as he can wash me in the showers first, apparently I am a dirty dirty boy...

- D

P.S. And my dungeon is much larger and better equiped than the one in the downstairs of that club last night but now i've got to try find my wand and my shirt, I can't even remember if I wore it home...
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