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Bouncers and Freaks


They made you do testing on the magic hands? How… terrible, I know the charm. Those twins managed to tie me down (against my will I assure you) and try It on me. In fact they like to test out alot of their charms on me when they’ve got me tied down. Those boys are quite…driven when it comes to their business.

I’ve arranged for us to have overnight passes out of Hogwarts for Friday. Snape was in a surprisingly good mood when he spotted me sauntering into the potions lab. I did however have to play a round of naughty student/strict teacher. Very strict teacher actually. One day Madam Pomfrey is going to insist upon knowing why I’m always getting red welts on my arse. At one stage he became quite giggly, smothering lube in my hair and shouting “Who has the prettiest hair now Lucius!” I really don't want to think about that to much. Although if you’ve ever met my father Lucius Malfoy you’d know he’s always swishing his hair like a shampoo commercial. Must have called Snape a greasy git one or two dozen times.

You say your cousin works as a bouncer in a gay club? Or just a normal club? I was given to understand it’s thought a bit strange to be buggering guys in the muggle world? I’ve had some trouble with bouncers before, some huge fat one tried to crack onto me once. Quite a grabby and bloated toad really, not at all attractive. Funny thing was he felt my wand (the one that does magic…pervert) and flipped. He started holding his behind and screaming I "was one of ‘em freaks like his cousin.” Course you shouldn’t say that so close to a large group of buff gay men, so he was beaten to a pulp. It was greater than the time I threatened father I’d show mummy the pictures of him, Snape and Flitwick playing leapfrog and he gave me the gringotts keys.

- D

P.S. Maybe before we leave I should scrub you down? You don’t really want to try fit into leather pants when your all sweaty from quidditch
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