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Those Magic Hands

D –

What is it with Snape and confiscating things? It seems like every month he has been doing random bag searches and taking harmless things. My playwizard Mag. Seamus’ supply of toys from 4WD (that is For Wizards sexDrive) including his world class range of vibrating wands! Thank goodness all the really good stuff is hidden in the secret compartment of his bed…I mean his bed at home… in the muggle world…yes.

Speaking of toys, I’ve just found out that Fred and George Weasly are opening up and adults only section at their joke shop. However we have to keep it quite. If Mrs Weasly found out…I shudder to think. That was why I had PlayWizard in the first place, they had just taken out a huge ad for their sex food. Apparently one bite and you get a new arousing sensation every time.
“No experience is ever the same!”
They wanted me to be a tester but I’ve been down that road before with their “Magical Hands.” It’s an enchantment to make it feel as if hands are all over you…and you know doing things that I am totally naive about. However they kept telling me more testing was necessary and they watched me having to say the charm again and again. I felt like the charm would never be perfect. I sure did feel for them, poor guys.

It must be hard having all that pressure put on you by your father, but your freedom sounds great. I have heard of those types of clubs, my cousin plans on owning one someday. At present he’s only a bouncer. He says the perks are great. Big Oaf. I am free on Friday, after Quidditch practice. I may be all sweaty and spent but you’ll have to cope!

- H

P.S. What is this secret weapon you speak of? Let me guess, you actually taught Malfoy how to fly! HA! I’d like to see that.
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